Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Deb is Coming! The Deb is Coming!

...and she's bringing The Maggie with her! ETA in Houston is sometime on Friday, September 21. We move in to our new apartment on Saturday. We've created a Google Map to share our adventures. Accompanying her will be Charlie, driving a big honking truck, and his buddy Will. We'll save a little bit of money this way, but once you add in feeding two hungry young men for a week and flying them back to Virginia it's a wash. The advantage is The Deb will not be traveling alone.

There will be much to report, many photos, and all kinds of fun.

To bring everybody up to speed, since late May Kemp has been in Houston working at his new job (which he totally loves). He's been living in a modest "suite" near his office. He's been back to Charlottesville once, and The Deb has been down to Houston once. This is the longest we've been apart by far, and we don't much like it. At all. The Deb has had to do too much on her own to get ready for the move, so she's been promised an extensive recovery period of pampered relaxation once she gets to Texas (or, as we like to call it, "home").

We found an apartment in a killer location - an easy commute for Kemp, right on the border of one of the nicest shopping areas in the country. We're walking distance from George Bush 41's home in Houston (of course he doesn't live there - do you think I'd post directions to his house so all the evil-doers can find him?), and just down the road from the Millie Bush Memorial Dog Park (which The Maggie will love!) - one of several really nice dog parks in and around Houston.

So stay tuned - good times just around the corner!