Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Update

Well, we're moved-in and now unpacking and getting settled. Cable is turned on (though amazingly we have the only cable company in America with neither DVRs or any HD programming - Comcast pretty much owns the market here, but some apartments have deals with really small providers). Deb is getting her bearings and has taken a few hard-earned days to recover from the move, and Maggie is meeting new friends like crazy. Everybody in our apartment complex knows my name, which is "Maggie's Dad."

Tonight, just about everybody in my company who works in Houston is going to the Astros-Braves game. We have two or three sections reserved for us, along with plenty of catered munchies. It's the last weekend of the season, and Craig Biggio's last three games (he's retiring after a Hall of Fame-worthy career), so the place is completely sold out. This may make it difficult to obtain parking for 25 cents, but we'll damn sure try.

Charlie and his buddy Will flew back to Virginia on Wednesday. It was great having their help - we picked a rather hot weekend to move in (of course, any weekend from April through October probably qualifies as hot in Houston), and the ragweed count is off the charts right now.

Stay tuned: photos coming ASAP.