Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Deb & Kemp leaving Charlottesville? No way!

Yes way, Ted! After many years calling Charlottesville home, Deb and Kemp finally listened to Horace Greeley and are headed west. Houston is our destination. Houston - home of NASA, the Astros, and Texans (including Virginia alums Matt Schaub and Wali Lundy), the Galleria, David Weekely Homes, and soon us. Kemp is headed that way later this month, and Deb will follow as soon as the house is prepped for sale (inquire about the special Friends and Family Discount).

Kemp & Deb's Excellent Adventure: The Blog is our attempt to keep those who are interested up to date on our travels and share the discoveries we make along the way. It is likely to lean toward the irreverent and not rely too much on scholarly pursuits - probably not surprising for anybody who knows us. There will be photos, restaurant reviews, traffic updates, and whatever else we're inspired to post.

For those of you not familiar with the blogosphere, a few tips:

  • Don't leave your email address in a comment. That's a sure way to get on EVERY spammer's mailing list. For obvious reasons, don't leave your phone number in a comment.
  • We probably won't be checking this as frequently as we check email, so if you need us to get in touch with you in a hurry, call or email one of us (We'll soon have a dedicated email address that we can publish without worrying about spam)
  • If there's something you want to share, but don't want everybody on the planet to be able to read, you may not want to leave it as a comment. Just trust us on this one.